Hairmoans EP

by Baklavaa

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This recording began production Autumn 2010. It took over a year to be released due to line-up changes, conflicting schedules, car troubles, illness, equipment malfunction, and weird parents. Everyone who has ever been in this band has contributed in some way to this album including Eric Paltell, Brent Cowell, Jake Wilkerson, Phil Brady, Jacob Seaton, Luke Heckel, Geoff Erhard, Matt Miller, and Dominique Wilson. We'd like to thank them for becoming a part of us regardless of how short a time it may have been.

Hairmoans embodies teen angst and masturbation. It's like catching a really crucial wave on your boogie board and then seeing your parents having sex on the shore.


released January 25, 2012

Recorded by Donnie Carlo
Mixed and Mastered by ZOID
Cover Photograph by Haley Myers

Ted Ciafardini - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Flynn DiGuardia - Drums
Matt Miller - Synthesizer on tracks 1 & 3
Geoff Erhard - Guest Vocals on Track 4
John Michaloski - Guest Vocals on track 5
[bass parts written by Brent Cowell, Jacob Seaton, and Dominique Wilson]

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Baklavaa Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: Dial 888 Into The Mood Organ
Habitual and it yellows our teeth
Another distraction caused chain reaction
This ritual is becoming too routine
Let you down again and tell myself to stop this

Shake hands
Write out plans

Someday I’ll figure myself out
Somehow alleviate these doubts

These rotted thoughts I will extricate somehow
It’s not human nature common human behavior
I’ll fade away if I just fade into the crowd
I’m fading out for now put to rest these fucking doubts
Track Name: I Don't Understand Anything
You take the years I’ve spent
So many wasted
You take the years I’ve spent

Choking on your pill
Prescriptions have been filled
Waiting on your death

I’ve been waiting forever
But nothing seems to come
I’ve been shaking and waiting
For a change

Stop – please end this – stop – I’m fucking done
Stop – please end this – stop – I’m fucking done
Lately I can’t tell if it’s a dream or a memory I’m living in
It’s probably both
Probably both

It’s just the dance I did
I’m hanging on that cross

Pushing them away
Expressions on their face
With nothing left to give
Give up
Track Name: Ronald McDonald's Tear Soaked Confession
I know that I’ve corrupted this my God I’m sorry
I guess that I should take the blame for this one
Don’t touch me ever don’t kiss my arm I’m leaving
I guess that I should burn with all the rest

What the fuck
I give up
I’m sorry
I’m not sorry

Despite all my accomplishments I still feel useless
Slightly out of place wherever I’m standing
Looking back at what won’t come back won’t do us any good
Memories won’t mean anything
Memories won’t mean anything
Memories won’t mean anything any more
I still recall the vibrations overhead
When I felt like the sky would swallow me whole
I can still feel the fear I can still hear the rain
Memories won’t mean anything
Track Name: Let's Go Ultimate (This Is My Good Luck)
Another false god give me what I deserve
You know better than me where I stand on this earth

I guess it’s time that I forgive myself and everyone around me
But I can’t forgive myself for all the judgments that I’ve made
Although I try I find I still look down on people up above me
Another problem solved and call it progress calling out my name
Get away
Track Name: Marijuana Abuse
Looks like I’m broke again I guess I’ll stay home
And masturbate I’ll masturbate to Nickelodean shows
I’ve got this pedophilic nature running through my veins
I lock the doors and kill the lights and I don’t feel no pain

And in the midst of this I still have not learned my lesson
Red with embarrassment upon reading through old confessions

I'm so tired of waiting
For you to open up your legs
And fill this hole that I've been digging
Where blood and flesh seperate
No more talking until we're fucking
This one almost got away

This one kicked and screamed in my face
This one was fucking useless
This one begged and asked that I leave
This one so fucking stupid
This one almost got away
This one made me feel useless

Mary, mother of God can I please be saved with a gun
I thought I changed but I’m just the same and I want to die
I’ve spent my whole lifetime just keeping out of the way